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STM250 modular inverter system

Max 6KVA

It can be used to compose AC power system base on DC infrastructure of 24Vdc, 48Vdc, 240Vdc or 336Vdc. Compared with standalone inverter, there are many advantages of modular system. 


Modular inverters are built in parallel redundant principle with aim to match power requirements and redundancy in meantime. By adding one or more modules, you can compose N+1 or N+X redundant systems.  The power will be secured in case of module failure.



It is always a challenge to dimension exact power consumption at the project layout phase. In addition, we need always look into possible additional loads of future.


Compared with standalone or monoblock system, modular system offers you a conveniently flexibility for possible expansion at very low cost.


Easy and quick maintenance

Designed with technology of hot plug, it could dramatically reduce the time and difficulty upon carrying out necessary maintenance. It can be done within 1min without power interruption.

STM250 is a sub-rack inverter system integrating TM250 inverter module and TJ20 module. It is a truly redundant system offering functions of pure sine wave inverter, bypass transfer switch and monitor into one19”3U sub-rack. Single module is hot plug design which make the maintenance an easy job without interruption to your critical load.


  • 19”3U
  • Built in bypass transfer switch with transfer time 5-8ms
  • Working mode selectable (AC priority or DC priority )
  • Built in monitor module
  • RS485 or RS232 communication port
  • Relay dry contact
  • Built in SNMP card - optional