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TJ20 monitor module

TJ20 module is being composed by a central monitor and bypass transfer switch. The size of the module is 2Ux3U,it can be configured into STM250 system



Display: it allows the user to monitor the system status in real time and read all parameters including voltage, current, frequency, capacity and failure info etc.

  • System setting : protection level and time
  • History record : can record max 100 records
  • Communication: RS485 for PC software monitoring and relay dry contact.


Bypass transfer switch

It increased the system availability and security by automatic transfer between the inverter and AC main. By setting up the priority of operation mode, user can change the systems status of “on line mode” or “standby mode”

  • Built in bypass transfer switch  
  • Working mode selectable (AC priority or DC priority )
  • Quick transfer time 5-8ms