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TN5000 TCI inverter

TN5000 is designed with concept of TCI, of which is equipped a 50Hz transformer. This inverter is especially designed for application with rugged power situation, such as power generation plan, power transmission substation, heavy industry and railway etc, where they have 110Vdc or 220Vdc DC power infrastructure.


With built in static transfer switch and input isolation transformer, it could offer highest security for your critical AC equipments. The inverter can be operated as single unit or in 1+1 redundancy for higher system reliability.

For 100Vac/110Vac/120Vac output, max 15Kva is available for 110Vdc system and 30Kva is available for 220Vdc system.


TN5100 :  single phase input / single phase output

TN5300 :  three phase input / single phase output


  • TCI technology with 0ms transfer time
  • Support 1+1 Redundancy
  • Pure sine wave
  • Complete isolation among AC Input, AC Output and DC Input
  • Built in static bypass transfer switch
  • Soft start
  • High efficiency >85%
  • Complete protection
  • DC input reverse polarity protection
  • User’s friendly LED + LCD display
  • RS232 + RS485 communication port
  • Dry contact
  • Rack mount or floor mounting structure are available