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Pilot A load management distribution

PILOT A is an AC distribution management center. It monitors the AC power consumption of load connected onto this system. And automatically control the load according to the multiple logics set up. 

Total 7 groups of outputs, 
10A x 6
20A x 1

Remote control:Can be used to switched on/off through mobile

Power monitor and control: Can monitor the max power and being programmed to shut down or send alarm in case of power exceeds the preset level.
Interlock control: Can be used to share the power available from a single sources between two groups of load.

Real time control
⦁ Each loop can be programmed to be switched on during preset time slot, of which can be off-peak tariff time slot.
⦁ To increase the direct consumption, load can be programmed to be switched on upon PV production exceeding preset level.
⦁ The duration of time for specific load can be programmed

Battery SOC: Each load can be programmed to be shut down under different battery SOC.