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Solar energy solution & Power backup

Solar off-grid system

Solar off-grid system is a medium size independent electrification system which could satisfy the electricity requirement of an off-grid house, hotel, shop, office or farm. It could supply electricity to various kinds of appliances and equipment such as light, TV, fridge, air-conditioner, washing machine and water pump etc.

⦁ MPPT with 30% more harvest of sun energy 
⦁ Single MPPT can manage an array of 4kw-5kw DC
⦁ Inverter can supply max 6kw continuously at 40C
⦁ Industrial leading low status consumption power 
⦁ Max efficiency 94% of inverter
⦁ Outstanding surge capability to start the most demanding home appliance, such as microwave, washing machine, coffee maker, air                 conditioner etc.
⦁ High reliability with high performance
⦁ Remote can tell you exact load percentage and battery state of charge