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Solar energy solution & Power backup

Solar Hybrid System

For many off-grid sites, the fact is that sun will not always be sufficient to provide enough energy. In this case, a wind turbine or diesel generator can be added to fill the deficit. Multiple energy sources could guarantee the electricity feasibility with optimized investment.

TBB Power is offering a complete hybrid solution which can be customized according to specific site. At the heart, Energie pro automatically regulates the starting and stopping of the generator, as well as supplying AC electricity to all appliances.

Through the CCU (control center unit), all system components can be configured as well as logic. Meantime, it offers a strong tool creating various charts of energy production and consumption analysis.

⦁ MPPT with 30% more harvest of sun energy 
⦁ Single MPPT can manage an array of 5kw, more can be work in parallel.
⦁ Energie pro can supply max 6kw continuously at 40C
    ⦁ Designed with outstanding overload capability, CF combi could reliably work with heavy inductive load such as air conditioner, washing            machine, coffee maker etc.
    ⦁ Industrial leading low status consumption power and efficiency protect the precious energy
    ⦁ Energie pro can send signal to start Diesel Generator in case of battery run to protection level. 
    ⦁ Automatically start generator
    ⦁ AEA technology for cost saving: can automatically reserve balance energy into battery upon diesel generator is running. It is therefore no         longer necessary to oversize generator satisfying maximum load. 
⦁ CCU could manage the whole system operation and display all parameters
⦁ CCU could create various charts for energy analysis
⦁ Pilot A load management devices can be used to optimized the system size.