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Advanced motorhome energy solution

Central monitor for complete on board monitoring – Vision Pro
⦁ T-Bus design 
⦁ LCD display with wheel roll design, easy to operate
⦁ One monitor for multiple devices saving a lot space, keep the interior clean and tidy
⦁ Can be used for system configuration
⦁ Supply abundant system records for 
⦁ Optional built in wifi module available for IPAD or Smart 

High performance inverter charger combination – Energier Pro
⦁ Three functions in one with much less foot print saving installation space
⦁ Pure Sine Wave inverter 1600VA
⦁ High performance inverter for all home appliances, coffee maker, micro wave, hair dryer etc
⦁ High power professional battery charger
⦁ Temperature compensated 
⦁ Voltage compensated
⦁ Support Lithium battery
⦁ Slave charger for starter battery
⦁ Automatic switch between grid and inverter
⦁ Low status consumption power

⦁ Support T-Bus

MPPT – SP series
⦁ Charge controller with built in MPPT improving 30% harvest of Sun
⦁ 150Vdc 40A , can support 600W PV peak

Battery Monitor – BM series
⦁ Precise battery meter with abundant information
⦁ Voltage
⦁ Current
⦁ SOC calculation
⦁ Time to Go
⦁ History record for battery activities
⦁ Support T-bus
⦁ Lithium battery version with built in BMS 

Digital distribution – PILOT D
⦁ Digital distribution solution running T-Bus
⦁ Pilot Master Module - max 20 outputs, 40A
⦁ 4 outputs support PWM , for light brightness adjustment
⦁ 1 output of 12VDC
⦁ All outputs are self protected without fuse against short cut, overload etc. Saving maintenance job.
⦁ With switch panels of total 12 switches
⦁ 8pcs switches at door entrance and 4pcs at bedroom area.
⦁ One Rocket switch panel (4pcs Rocket switch) with built in ambient temperature sensor, ambient lightness sensor and PM25 sensor for purpose of load control
⦁ Two Rocket switch panel (4pcs Rocket type switch) or one Button switch panel with 8 button
⦁ USB output

Pilot D – More intelligent features 
⦁ Intelligent bus system increasing the level of luxury and comfort
⦁ Scene mode switch: one button to control multiple loads in together, such as SLEEP MODE and NIGHT MODE.
⦁ Automatic light switch on/off and brightness adjustment according to ambient brightness.
⦁ Automatic load shedding or switch off according to battery state of charge (SOC)programmable

Water system – RS series
⦁ Two conductive sensor for clean water tank and waste water tank with 4 gears respectively 
⦁ Remote panel with indicator and water pump switch
⦁ Support T-Bus
⦁ CCS can display water tank level as well