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Solar energy solution & Power backup

SIES-D Solar Intelligent Energy Storage System

Sound and Reliable energy solution

Due to the severe shortage of electricity in many countries, people are suffering from frequent power shedding which brought a lot inconvenience for people’s living and even loss of money for business. SIES is a good solution answering above challenge. As an alternative replacing diesel generator, it provides you a quiet and easy living without harassment of noise and pollution, with almost zero operation cost. 

For areas with limitation of grid capacity, SIES is a good solution to increase the supply capacity. With storage systems, the existing networks can be maximized utilized saving enormous investment on new power lines and transformer. SIES could help balance load among the peak and off-peak hours as well, of which could reduce the necessity of big investment on infrastructure for peak hours. Meantime, it could help keeping key clients happy against possible power shedding. 

Fully Integrated system

Combined of MPPT, heavy duty bidirectional inverter, lithium iron phosphate battery, energy management system and a monitor or color touch screen control unit, SIES-D is a fully integrated system with all components well configured and perfectly coordinated with each other. 

Designed with the concept of plug and play, it requires no further configuration and only a small number of connections. 

High performance inverter

The bi-directional inverter built inside was suitable to reliably operate all kinds of home appliance such as TV, washing machine, stove, microwave, water pump and air conditioner. Thanks to its industrial leading efficiency, the system can efficiently manage the energy flow and save your initial investment.

Intelligent Load Control

PILOT A was the intelligent load control unit which can dramatically increase the degree of intelligence of energy system.

Integrated into SIES system, PILOT A can increase the direct consumption rate. The energy intensive equipment, washing machine, dishwasher, heating system etc, can be programmed to switch on upon solar power was available. Thus, it can help to reduce the storage battery size designed.

Through setting load priority, ECS can support more appliances being supported by same SIES system avoiding over sizing inverter. 

Meantime, PILOT A can control the load according to the today’s solar energy production and battery state of charge. Energy intensive load, such as air conditioner, can’t be powered on upon PV production was not sufficient. 

Intelligent Energy Management 

SIES-D will automatically take on control of all energy flow. Energy produced by PV system and from grid will be optimized in combination for your usage. With real time clock built inside, SIES-D could manage the energy flow according to the preset logic, of which make it possible to take use of off-peak tariff to store electricity if this policy applied to your city.

A Diesel Generator can be connected as a standby power. SIES could automatically start and stop generator in case there is energy shortage. This could ensure the energy availability during days of bad weather without increasing PV system investment.

Comprehensive monitoring 

SIES-D offers comprehensive monitoring system. The large touch screen display shows all data of energy production, energy consumption and battery status, clearly and in real time. Meantime, it could generate daily or monthly analysis for you to understand the operation status of your system. Furthermore, through optional device, the system can be monitored with web regardless of location.

High quality storage battery 

Lithium iron phosphate battery features high energy density, light weight and excellent cycling expectation. The built in Battery Management System was especially developed for SIES system with multiple functions. It will monitor the status of each cell and will automatically implement correction in case of any imbalance, which can ensure the cycling life of lithium battery installed.

Other technology battery can be applied as well upon request, such as OPZV, OPZS or traction battery. Special battery equalization program was built inside.